Workforce Investment Act Programs

The Dislocated Worker Program was proud to have aided 31 clients in graduating from a variety of training programs by the spring of 2008. Completion of these training programs resulted in a 90% success rate of clients to attain their desired employment. By participating in the Dislocated Worker Program Services, these clients were able to receive help with tuition, fees, supplies, childcare, travel, or miscellaneous needs as they occurred. Each program service is evaluated for degree of need before it is offered to the client. Program participants receive an individual plan of action so needs are met and goals can be attained.

Currently, 37 clients are attending training in such career fields as Healthcare, Truck Driver Training, Accounting, Business Management, and HVAC Training. Planning services that are offered to each client include Labor Market Information that will lead to educated career choices.

Policy requires that all training customers are required to complete a Missouri Career Readiness Credential. This assessment includes Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics and Locating Information and is a product of ACT. Upon successful completion of this assessment, customers are given a portable certificate that states assessments taken and scores earned. Each certificate is signed by the Governor and is an attestation of a job seeker's abilities in three important subjects. At this time all MOCRC assessments are offered free to the public and may be accessed through the Missouri Career Center in Chillicothe and Green Hills Regional Planning Commission.

The One KC WIRED Initiative has been a great resource for Livingston County residents who are interested in career training in one of three targeted industries. Individuals who are interested in Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare or Bio-Technologies may receive grant money to further their education through the Initiative. Twenty-four residents have benefited from the WIRED Initiative enabling them to pursue training for in demand occupations. The program targets participants who do not fit the profiles of other programs offered in the area.

Green Hills Regional Planning Commission also offers the service of Functional Manager duties to the Missouri Career Center in Chillicothe. The Functional Manager does not provide personnel supervision. Instead it offers the service of program performance to the partners in the Career Center. Recently the State of Missouri asked for the Missouri Career Centers to submit plans for Career Center Chartering. In 2007 Chillicothe Career Center, along with the rest of the Northwest Region, entered a Chartering Plan with the State. Due to delays on the State level we re-submitted our Career Center Chartering Plan in 2008 and are awaiting the results of the review of Center Services.

NCMC Career Fair-It has always been the practice of the GHRPC Dislocated Worker Program to participate in the NCMC Career Fair. This year our mission was to create a display of "What to wear to a job interview" and "What not to wear to a job interview". Thanks to Howard's Department Store, we were able to take two mannequins to the Career Fair. The display that was created made some valid points about dressing for success.